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a tech creation lab, amplifying human movement

Hi! We are E2 Drives, a tech creation lab eager to lead the way in electric mobility. With a focus on mechanics, electronics, and embedded software, we are proud to offer a wide range of innovative—even groundbreaking—solutions.

At E2 Drives, we do it all in-house, from the initial idea to the prototype and validation. This way we keep A to Z control over every aspect of our products. It’s our way of safeguarding high quality and reliability.

Our flagship technology is a patented stepless gearshift all-in-one motor for eBikes. We believe in ‘almost nothing is impossible, you should at least try.’ So we set our sights high: together with Decathlon, we want to make this motor the new industry standard.

But our ambitions don't stop there. We are constantly researching and developing new technologies that provide significant competitive advantages and strong intellectual property (IP) protection.

E2 Drives is about cutting-edge technology, designed to meet your needs. For that, we are ready to challenge the status quo.


01 Stay true to yourself.

We are sincere in our accomplishments and authentic in our being.

02 It’s not possible. Yet

Yet. “They did not know it was impossible, so they did it.”

03 The beauty of simplicity.

The more complex a problem, the easier the solution should be.

04 Do your fair share.

Individual and collective responsibility are our driving forces.

05 Persevere, though it might hurt.

We are dedicated to creating solutions that last.

Eager to challenge the way you move


1st Proof Of Concept and Patent by Arthur Deleval
Arthur joins forces with Simon Godfrind to create E2 Drives and the 1st rideable prototype of their all-in-one drive unit technology
1st licence agreement with a reliable industrial partner but terminated in 2017
Design improvement on weight, size durability, and user experience
E2 Drives pivots to develop Zest, a disruptive complete eBike project
The first employee is hired
E2 Drives agrees a partnership with Decathlon and places the eBike project on hold to focus 100% on the innovative mid–drive
E2 Drives is now a 20 people team and the first drive units will be available in stores in the summer


Our company's story is one of passion, innovation, perseverance, and a bit of nerdiness.

It started in 2012 when Arthur Deleval, a young automotive and mechanical engineer, came up with an idea that would revolutionise the eBike industry. With a proof-of-concept and patent in hand, he was determined to bring his vision to life.

The possibility of an eBike Drive Unit combining an electric assistance and an automatic Continuously Variable Transmission was proven, but without control through electronics and software, this brilliant system would remain lifeless. Arthur needed a partner that would help him blow the breath of life into it.

Six months later, he introduced his concept to Simon Godfrind, a young PhD candidate in microelectronics, who was so thrilled by the idea that he eventually quit his PhD to jump in the adventure of this ambitious project.

Together they set out to create the first rideable prototype of their unique all-in-one drive unit technology. E2 Drives was born.

Their initial goal was to find a reliable partner who would licence this technology and bring it to the market as fast as possible. In 2015, they made their first licence agreement, but it was terminated in 2017.

Despite this setback, Arthur and Simon continued to work to improve their technology, both in hard- and software. They focused on making it more affordable, lighter, smaller, with fewer parts, and most importantly: providing a better user experience.

In 2019, they switched strategies and started an innovative eBike project. They hired their first employees and worked on launching a disruptive eBike with innovations such as a powertrain, a molded frame, and IoT.

Then, in 2020, the team met Decathlon and decided to put the eBike project on hold. All focus had to be on the industrialisation of their innovative mid-drive. Today, E2 Drives is a subsidiary of Decathlon, sharing the same dream: simplifying the transition from cars to eBikes by making automatic gearboxes easily accessible.

To make this dream happen, we have a team of twenty people, primarily engineers, who work diligently to achieve our vision. After ten years of hard work, we are proud to announce that our first E2 Drives drive units will be available in stores in the summer of 2023.

Join us in our quest to revolutionise the eBike industry and make sustainable transportation accessible to everyone.