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You’re curious about the team behind E2 Drives?

Well, we're proud to share a bit about who we are—since our team embodies our core values.
First and foremost, we're a bunch of curious individuals who consistently push beyond the boundaries of our job descriptions. We wear many hats and strive to be experts in all aspects of our product. This attention to detail is critical to our success, since we're committed to delivering the best possible results.

At E2 Drives, we don't necessarily rely on pre-existing modules. We’re not afraid to develop our own solutions, ensuring that we achieve the highest level of performance and meet all of our objectives. We’re methodical and persistent. We embrace challenges, look for solutions, improve on our flaws, and repeat this process until we get it just right.

Most importantly, we rely on each other's unique skill sets and operate with a strong sense of team spirit. By enforcing each other's strengths and working closely together, we achieve our shared goals—and have fun while we’re at it.

We're proud of the work we do at E2 Drives, and excited to continue pushing boundaries and developing innovative solutions. There is nothing more satisfactory than creating a product that could change the way people move, think and live.

We re-think everything.
From scratch.

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At E2 Drives, we all wear several hats. Which one would fit you?